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BeeTalker is winner of “IoT project of the year” competition!

On September 3, Gurtam launched a new global competition among more than 1600 companies around the world to find the best IoT project of the year. BeeTalker team, took first place in the “Security and Safety” category. The competition allowed the community to share best practices, and the business to see the benefits of IoT and telematics.

BeeTalker approached the solution outside the box – it used telematics that had never been used for these purposes as a base. As a result, the resulting communication device began to surpass the conventional radio in all respects.

Forbes Russia

… unparalleled solution for the transmission of voice, video and data.

RBC Russia

BeeTalker project is one of a kind and offers users tangible benefits: a user-friendly interface and rich functionality.

BeeTalker is winner of “IoT project of the year” competition in “Security Personnel” nomination

In the short time, upon yollar’s request, the Gurtam experts added the two-way voice transmission to Wialon, and now our partner can offer their clients a full-fledged dispatch center allowing a dispatcher to:

  • listen to the conversations on up to 99 selected channels;
  • respond to a specific channel or a specific user;
  • have all the devices displayed on the map and track them using geofences;
  • receive the notifications (charging, change of the channel, SOS, etc.) and respond to them;
  • remotely manage devices including configuring and updating firmware;
  • view call history (audio and video).

The LTE network was used to provide the voice transmission, and the Wialon IPS protocol was applied to enable the integration with Wialon. Also fully integrated the kernel-level solution into DMR systems by Kirisun, Hytera, Excera.

We are delighted that our product has received great recognition in the international market and we want to say thank you to our strategic partner Matrix company from Azerbaijan. Who not only represented our solutions in this competition but also made a huge contribution to the development of our product. Hope we will win again next year too!

BeeTalker on 10th anniversary TelematiX conference in Minsk.

At BeeTalker we understand that the PMR industry is critical for maintaining a safe world, and see the massive potential for its development in parallel with broadband and internet technology. This is exactly what we shared with more than 1600 companies participating in the TelematicX conference. Our aim is to take advantage of this technology and integrate it with traditional PMR form factors, thus providing innovative and valuable solutions to our channel partners and customers. 3 days combining networking opportunities, a large exhibition of hardware partners, IoT expert talks, technical and commercial training sessions. We thank all participants for their interest in our products, hope to see you again next year.

During TelematiX 2019 BeeTalker presented:
•M138s SIM card durable Two-Way radio

•M938 SIM card durable Two-Way radio with screen

•Emergency signal and emergency profiles

•Man Down Functionality

•Real time GPS location on wialon platform